Family Internet Safety Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Social media and news organizations have identified a resurgence of an old video titled the “MoMo Challenge.” There are questions to the validity of the claims and many are calling it a hoax. To be on the side of caution, we are informing you of the situation to take precautions with your student's engagement online.

A great way to address this situation and promote safe internet use is to remind students that each of us has the ability to select what we choose to access online.  Let them know to inform an adult of anything that doesn’t seem right.

Remind them to use good judgment and consider the following when selecting content:

  •  Does this help me to be a better individual?
  •  Could this be harmful to me or my friends?
  •  Will this make my family proud of me to watch this?

For parent resources, please use these links below.