HUSD Staff Spotlight for Middle Schools

Rancho Viejo is proud to recognize Ms. Elisa Henderson as this week's Staff Spotligt. Elisa  simply defines the word dedication here at Rancho Viejo Middle School. Ms. Henderson is an English Teacher, but she is also our amazing Drama teacher, and Girls Basketball Coach. She also supports our Social Club and serves as support for any staff that she intuitively knows may need encouragement or assistance.

Endearingly, nicknamed “Dragon Lady,” students know when they enter her class that they are going to learn. As our Drama teacher, she puts on at least 3 productions a school year in which students, parents, and the community attend and includes amazing props that she and her drama students create for the shows. Although there is only so much time in her day, Ms. Henderson is here at Rancho from sun up to sun down working tirelessly to help our students practice for their next drama performance or basketball game.

Her passion for our students and staff never fails to amaze us as she works on the Social Committee to create a positive culture and climate for our staff. We are very proud to have Ms. Henderson here as a part of our staff at Rancho Viejo Middle School! You truly make this a wonderful place for students and staff!