Battle of the Books

The first district-wide Battle of the Books competition took place at Dartmouth Middle School on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. Students from Dartmouth, Rancho Viejo, Diamond Valley, and Acacia competed in a total of six rounds designed to test their literary knowledge. At the end of the competition, Dartmouth Middle School students were crowned the winners.

Students at each of the four middle schools won in their school’s competition and were able to advance to the district level competition. Students were asked to read a total of 30 books. Throughout the six rounds, students had to answer various questions about these books. Advisors from each site designed different rounds to test students’ knowledge. Students ran, threw Frisbees, participated in online tests, and a variety of other challenges. They enjoyed the competitive aspect and working together as a team.

The Battle of the Books was created by Dartmouth teacher, Merri Snow. She created the event to increase reading and provide a program open to all students, which has increased library circulation and book donations for the school.

This program gave students an opportunity to explore books in different genres. Congratulations to our teachers for encouraging students to read more, and to Dartmouth Middle School for winning the first district-wide Battle of the Books!