School Resource Officer Reaches Out to Students

Staff at Hemet Unified School District are dedicated to providing every tool and resource necessary to ensure the success of students. Rancho Viejo Middle School staff added another resource to help support the students this year by allowing the School Resource Officer (SRO) to present to sixth grade students. 

On Monday, August 22nd, Officer Dombrowski talked about his journey in becoming a Police Officer, what he specializes in, and what they can expect from him. Rancho Viejo’s Principal, Jonathon Workman, said he wants students to see him as a resource not just an enforcer on campus. Dombrowski said he would like to help students during challenging times and encouraged the students to reach out to him.   

Officer Dombrowski also discussed the dangers of alcohol. He explained what happens to our bodies and minds, and the poor choices people make when they are intoxicated. He told students that drinking can cause serious damage to their brains, because they are not fully developed yet. He encouraged students to think about the consequences of drinking if they are tempted in this situation. He expressed how hard it is to inform an individual of a loved one’s passing. 

After the presentation, Officer Dombrowski spoke about expectations he has for all students. He said being honest and communicating with himself and staff members is always the best option. He explained he wants to be a mentor for students at Rancho Viejo and help them choose a successful path. In the days that followed, students have reached out to Officer Dombrowski to ask him questions about his presentation or give him a high-five as they pass him on campus. 

Principal Workman is thankful for the dedication Officer Dombrowski has shown to the students on campus. “His ability to build a positive rapport with students in the school setting will only benefit our community in the future,” he said.