California College Guidance Initiative

This year, counselors throughout Hemet Unified School District are introducing a new initiative to students. California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) is an online resource center to help students decide what college, careers, and majors to pursue after high school. 

Hemet Unified educators know it is never too early for students to start thinking about their future. Students all across the district are setting up CCGI profiles to access lesson plans, financial aid options, and college and career planning. CCGI has also partnered with which allows students to apply to California State University (CSU) colleges from their CCGI profile. 

This new initiative will allow counselors to better assist their students in planning for their future. When students login to their CCGI account, they are able to take surveys that will match them to colleges and career fields that meet their interests. When students meet with their counselor, the counselor can pull up their profile and tailor their conversation based on what the student’s career and college interest survey shows. In addition, they are able to launch Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through their CCGI account to help with financial aid options. 

Some high school students are using their CCGI profile to register for their SATs. Students will be able to link their college board accounts to Khan Academy which will allow them to practice for their SATs. 

Each school site is creating a plan for its students. For the first semester, Rancho Viejo Middle School sixth graders will focus on taking the career cluster survey, which lists a variety of careers students would be interested in based on a survey they took. For the second semester they will work on their middle school action plan. Seventh grade students will work on a high school portfolio during their first semester and a goals and action plan the second. Eighth grade students will focus on their work during middle school and for the second semester they will work on a high school transition plan where they will shadow a student in high school. 

Students at Rancho Viejo were extremely excited to start the CCGI process. Benjamin Ramos-Roosignoli, an eighth grade student at Rancho Viejo, said he liked taking the survey and learning about the different career opportunities that matched his interests. Based on his survey results, he received a variety of engineering careers. He was able to save the careers that he found most interesting and would like to pursue, such as a petroleum engineer and/or a computer hardware engineer. 

Once students begin taking the various surveys available on CCGI, staff members are able to pull up these results. Many of the schools in Hemet Unified provide a career day or event each year. With CCGI they will be able to look at the results and bring in people from career fields that their student population is most interested in. This will allow for a more beneficial experience for students during these events.