Rancho Viejo Staff Distributes Gift Bags

The holiday season is here and everyone seems to be getting in the spirit! It is a time to come together with loved ones and reach out to those in need. This is exactly what Rancho Viejo Middle School staff is doing. For the past 15 years, students at Rancho Viejo in need have received gift bags for the holidays 

Rancho Viejo staff members created 50 bags this year to be given out to students. These bags are stuffed with food, toiletries, toys, and clothing to help students through the two week break. All of the items were donated from staff at Rancho Viejo, and hats were hand-knit by Anna Caddle and her son.

Dee Nelson, a teacher at Rancho Viejo who created this grand tradition, emailed staff asking if they would like to donate items for these bags. She said this year staff donated the most food they have ever had for this event. Staff lined up the gifts and food and one-by-one they filled 50 bags. Nelson said she was grateful for everyone’s contribution and was happy so many people donated. She said this will be her last year doing this, because she will be retiring at the end of the school year so she was happy to have had such a wonderful turn out for these students. 

Staff recalled a few stories from students over the years that touched their heart. Thanks to these gift bags, students used these toys as presents for their younger siblings so they would have something to open during the holidays.

These bags started off as just gift bags, but Nelson realized how many students needed food. She began asking staff to donate food and the idea blossomed from there. She said staff can donate anything and they will find a way to use it. She said she is happy to have spearheaded this tradition at Rancho Viejo and is happy to pass the torch to allow other staff members to experience the genuine gratitude of students.     

Thank you to the Rancho Viejo staff for creating such a wonderful tradition at your campus!