Rancho Viejo's Nutrition Club

Students at Rancho Viejo Middle School are taking their health and well-being into their own hands. With the help of Math and Science teacher John Bragg, students created the first middle school Nutrition Club in the district!

The club meets in Mr. Bragg’s classroom at lunch to learn about nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle. They discuss what foods to eat, avoid, and sometimes listen to a guest speaker. Hemet Unified’s Chef Manger, Angela Phalen and Nutrition Specialist, Stephanie Johnson, spoke to the students about new ingredients they use to ensure the school lunches were healthier.

Students said their eating habits and characteristics have changed within the past two months of joining the club. Mary Butero, Secretary of the Nutrition Club, said she went from eating Fruit Loops in the morning to drinking green smoothies and eating a bagel or eggs. For lunch she went from pizza to a sandwich with whole wheat bread, apples, and nuts. She said this change has made her feel happier, given her energy, and feel better about herself.

“I’m surprised that students have an interest in nutrition and eating healthy,” said Bragg. He said the club is even more special because students don’t have to attend, they are here on during their lunch because they want to learn more about nutrition.

The club started when Chloe Velasquez noticed that Mr. Bragg was eating healthy, but he was drinking a diet soda. She said she got frustrated with him because she knows they are bad for the body. This interaction sparked the conversation of nutrition which led to the club.

During club meetings, students are encouraged to bring up questions they may have in regards to nutrition. They discuss healthier options to their favorite foods as well as what eating unhealthy can do to the body.

Thank you Mr. Bragg for continuing to spark the interest of nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle in the students at Rancho Viejo Middle School.