Solo and Ensemble Festival

In an effort to inspire students even further, the annual Solo and Ensemble Festival was held so students who have a passion for music could explore performing solo and with an ensemble. The festival, which has been held every year since the 1980s, was open to every school within HUSD. Four adjudicators selected the top four students for Brass, Winds, Percussion, and Strings. These students were then invited to perform at the HUSD Solo and Ensemble Recital on March 20th. 

On the night of the recital, families gathered at West Valley High School. Students performed pieces from Mozart, Brahms, Bach, Nowlin, and many others. The night was full of excitement and enthusiasm as students stepped onto the stage to perform. 

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s Solo and Ensemble Program. Also, a big thank you to Dwight Holmes, also known as Buzz, for continuing to create a love of music in our students.


Music Teachers:

Angela Andersen, Hemet High School

Julie Bailey, Tahquitz High School

Lovina Botts, Hamilton K-8 and High School

Daniel Boulton, Hemet High School

Alison Buckler, Rancho Viejo Middle School

Janet Cariss, Cottonwood

Christopher Downard, West Valley High School

Paul Fults, Cawston Elementary School and Winchester Elementary School

Chris Hansen, Little Lake Elementary School and McSweeny Elementary School

Thomas Hepburn, West Valley High School

Rick Hoglund, Valle Vista Elementary School and Bautista Creek Elementary School

Dwight Holmes, Idyllwild School

Cecelia Madede, Diamond Valley Middle School and Rancho Viejo Middle School

Elona Mollon, Cawston Elementary School, Winchester Elementary School, Fruitvale Elementary School, and Jacob Wiens Elementary School

Rick Olsen, Cottonwood K-8 School and Ramona Elementary School

Jeremy Pietsch, Tahquitz High School

Gilbert Reyes, Acacia Middle School

Rosanne Rotsolk, Harmony Elementary School and Whittier Elementary School

Amanda Rulvacaba Fruitvale Elementary School and Jacob Wiens Elementary School

Ruthie Savon, Ramona Elementary School and Whittier Elementary School

Christie Simpson, Acacia Middle School and Dartmouth Middle School

Melissa Torres, Diamond Valley Middle School

Linda Wallace, Hamilton K-8 School

Derrick Williams, Dartmouth Middle School