Rancho Viejo Staff Take an Unusual Field Trip


The school year is beginning and staff are working together to think of new ways to motivate each other as we enter into the 2017-18 school year. This year, Rancho Viejo Middle School’s administration team felt it was imperative to not only motivate staff, but for its entire staff to gain a better understanding of the students on campus. 

Staff members traveled together to walk neighborhoods where Rancho Viejo students reside the Friday before school started. This activity was to show staff the challenges that students face on a daily basis. After walking through three neighborhoods, staff congregated back in the multi-purpose room at school to discuss what they saw. Staff shared the difference it made walking through the neighborhoods and found a better understanding of challenges students face. 

Principal Jonathon Workman encouraged everyone to reflect upon what they saw and think about different challenges their students face. He told staff, “Maybe teaching math and science isn’t the most important thing you can do for a kid; maybe it’s taking a moment to connect with them and make them feel valued.” 

Mr. Workman told his team that after observing students on campus he gained valuable insight. He discovered that students haven’t set long term goals for themselves yet Rancho Viejo MS staff is preparing them for life after high school. In order to get students to think about the long term goal of being college and career ready when they graduate, they need to have a better understanding of setting goals. He decided to set “win the day” as this year’s theme. This theme will challenge students to focus on succeeding one day at a time. At the meeting, staff members signed a pledge and committed to supporting each other and the students on campus in winning the day. That way winning the day will become winning the month, winning the triad, and winning the year! 

Thank you to the Rancho Viejo Middle School staff for committing to supporting your students as they continue their educational journey!