Thanksgiving Donations

The holiday season is officially upon us; a time to spend with family and reflect on all of the wonderful reasons to be thankful. This year, like every year, staff at Hemet Unified is thankful for the community we have the opportunity to serve. Every year we have events that reminds us of the caring and supportive community we are surrounded by, and this year happened to be Thanksgiving. 

Hemet Unified serves a population where 78% of its students are on free/reduced lunch. Staff members understand that when students leave for break, many of them and their families do not have the privilege of having a Thanksgiving meal. However, this year, thanks to the combined effort and generosity of staff and the Hemet community, turkeys and in most cases a Thanksgiving meal were donated to 194 families! 

Staff members reached out to local businesses, groups, and community members for donations to collect turkeys and assemble Thanksgiving boxes to students and their families. Some school sites had staff members that purchased complete Thanksgiving meals, some had students provide canned and boxed items while staff purchased turkeys, and some had turkeys donated by clubs and organizations. 

Thank you to everyone that helped provide an unforgettable Thanksgiving to our students in need. We say this often, but it bears repeating, we are extremely fortunate to work in Hemet. Our community genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our students and we are thankful for the support they show, because as we all know, it takes a village! 

Thank you to the Community Christian Church for donating to students at McSweeny Elementary School; Gosch Automotive, Jim Wingett, Hemet Elks Club, and John Montgomery Custom Screen Printing for donating to students at Ramona Elementary School; HUSD’s Human Resources team for donating to a family at Jacob Wiens and Hemet Elementary; Horace-Mann and Emmaus Christian Fellowship for donating to students at Diamond Valley Middle School; Hemet Rotary Club for donating to Dartmouth Middle School families; Winchester Town Hall Associations for donating to Winchester Elementary School families; Winco for selling turkeys at a reduced price for donation purposes, and the hundreds of students and staff members that were able to donate!